Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Only a Couple of Weeks Now - Lunacon

I'm looking forward to Lunacon; it's sort of my birthplace. Not just that I lived in Rye as a tot and then moved to Armonk, and my mom grew up in Port Chester, just a hop, skip and a jump away, but Lunacon was the first con that DH and I decided to partake in once our son was old enough to appreciate cons.

I had just sold my first short story and was very excited to have a story under consideration to a major e-zine (which later fell through) and I did my first Rapid Fire Reading as a member of Broad Universe at Lunacon.

Later my family added on more cons: The Steampunk World's Faire, Connecticon, and finally Philcon last year. We also did World Horror Con last year as well, but that was more a family thing as my in-laws live in Austin...

So, Whoo-Hoo. Lunacon here we come.