Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome the new year with Hell's Garden!

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The word garden evokes the image of a place of peace and moderation--the opposite of discord. A gardener decides what plants to cultivate and what is a weed to be destroyed.

But what if the gardeners themselves run amok?

Both "Gunda's Gnomes" and "When the Devil Came to Hell's Kitchen" ask what to do with bullies in community gardens.

In "The Orchid" a young woman discovers a new way to look at weeding.

While in "Round and Round the Garden" a girl plays with her friend with disasterous results--our Bad Gardeners. In "Ten Minutes Till Deadtime" mysterious messages draw a man to his back yard.

Finally, in "Compost" a family is threatened bya specter in their family vegetable plot.

These six dark and fantastic tales explore the various paths evil can take when in Hell's Garden.

Featuring stories by Rayne Hall, Heather Holland Wheaton, Jonathan Broughton, Mark Cassell, Eric Dimbleby. Edited by April Grey.