Sunday, January 6, 2013

Savvy Author's Blog Up

At the end of this month I'll be teaching at Savvy Authors a Writing for E-zines class. In prep for this class my Blog post is up.

Make Your Stories Do Double, Triple and Even Quadruple Duty By Keeping Your rights By April Grey

One of my short stories is in an on-line anthology, it is also in an e-zine, and is due to be released in a "Best of" print anthology. Next year I intend to package this work with two of my other already published short stories as a collection to sell through Kindle and other Internet distributors. That's one short story published four times. And the payment isn't only in cold hard cash; every time a story of mine is published I reach more readers and build my platform.

This is the beauty of writing short stories. They endure as long as you hold onto your rights. And with the advent of e-publications, one needs to be ever more careful against publishers using unfair contracts. Many e-publishers want to hold onto your work until the end of time--which is okay--let them archive your story, just make sure the contract says non-exclusive rights. This means they will let you re-publish your work elsewhere. And you do want to be able to see your story out in the world as many times as possible.

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Info about Writing for e-zines
The best piece of advice I ever had as a budding novelist was to also write short pieces. The benefits of publishing short stories and/or non-fiction articles with e-zines (and other publications) are huge. You can make a name for yourself as a writer, create a platform, improve your craft and get paid by selling to e-zines. This course will teach the beginning writer how to research markets, evaluate their own work, write a cover letter/follow up query and track their stories. Students will submit a short piece of 3,000 words or less to the group (a work in progress is okay).

1) Introduction, Introduce yourselves and How to research markets: Top down or bottom's up?

2) Where is your niche - Finding a good match Everyday Fiction and other markets

3) Evaluating your work and finding helpers - come up with a list of ten potential markets to share with the group. Formatting.

4) Tracking your efforts - How many short stories, keep sending them out - Something extra. Not just good for e-zines. Keep track of anthologies, use topics as writing prompts. The question of self-publishing. Wanting to create a track record of sales and publications for a platform and to prove in the game. After publication (make sure you don't sell rights for more than a year) then can self publish as a promotion.
WHEN: Jan 28, 2013 - Feb 10, 2013
COST: $20 for Premium Members
$30 for Basic Members

Cancellation policy: Registrations are non-refundable except when the workshop is cancelled by Savvy Authors.

REGISTRATION: Click Here to Register at Premium Member rate