Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of Year Wrap Up

Well, this is a year that I'll be sad to see leave. DH and DS both settling well into their various pursuits, which left me feeling more settled as well.

I missed Lunacon (which was cancelled) but made it to WHC down in Atlanta. The Steampunk World's Fair was also great.

I sold Finding Perdita to Damnation Books which then was bought by Caliburn Press and it will be published sometime next year.

I "finished" Griffit City but then have it out to get critiqued because I'm not yet happy with the ending.

And I edited a new project, Hell's Grannies. Please check it out. I'm very proud of this anthology of just incredibly gifted writers all giving their take on Cronehood.  You can find it on Kindle and Smashwords.

My first project of the New Year will be formatting HG for Createspace.  Then back to Griffit City.

I have a few projects to finish after that and I'll be writing about them as they near completion.

Wishing you all a Happy and Creative New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Live!

Hell's Grannies is available for you to download on Smashwords (Kindle and Createspace to come).

E-book version
Click to purchase your copy!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Cover Reveal!

Ten Talented writers share their visions of the Crone.

Eurydice - Patricia Cochrane
The Pensioner Pirates of Marine Parade- Jonathan Broughton
Exile- April Grey
Watchers of Old- Judith Rook
Fresh Finch- Amy Grech
Kin - Rayne Hall
Burning Michelangelo - Annamarie Pederson
To Thy Self Be True - Alp Beck
Freewheeling Free Association and the Theme Park Rangers of Death - Phillip T.Stephens
The Artist and the Crone - Mark Cassell

Aging is not for the faint-hearted, yet there is little choice in the matter. You can take good care of your health, your finances, your loved ones and still life will throw a curve ball.
In this anthology you will find tales of courage, of women who rise to the challenges of time in many different ways.
Some stories are of women aging gracefully but their tales are still kickass because they have a lot to overcome. Other stories are humorous, because if you can’t age gracefully, then by all means age disgracefully.
And there are a couple of very dark tales as well.
I think you will delight in these stories as much as I do. 
Cover Artwork by the amazing Dirk Strangely -  

E-book will be available after December 23rd!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Krampus the Christmas Demon

I wrote a guest post on this a while back and think it's quite apt for today being Krampus Day! And with a new movie on the topic just come out!

And what is Krampus Day, you might ask?

Well, in the evening of December 5, the eve of St. Nicholas' Feast day, young men in Austria, Southern Germany and Northern Italy celebrate a very old custom. They get dressed up as St. Nicholas' demonic servant, the Krampus, and then go running about the town (called a Krampus run). They warn the children to be good because St. Nicholas is on his way.

You can head to You Tube to see a little of a  Krampus Run .

I chose to feature this folkloric creature in my novel, Chasing the Trickster. When anthropology professor Pascal Guzman puts on a Krampus mask he comes away with a little surprise. He finds himself host to an ancient entity who has been living in the mask.

My interest in the Krampus was first tweaked when I saw a book by Monte Beauchamp,The Devil in Design and learned about Krampus folklore. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were many Krampus day postcards sent around Europe. These postcards were collected in a book by Mr. Beauchamp. Some of the demonic images are quite humorous as one of Krampus' sidelines was to chase buxom women. As well as having horns, he's--well--rather horny.

This and a few other ideas came together to create the plot and characters of my urban fantasy, Chasing The Trickster.

 Chasing the Trickster

1. From my college studies in Japanese Noh theatre (I was a theatre geek long before I thought of being a writer) came the idea that a mask can have a soul or being living inside it.

2.  Then there is the idea of where do gods go when no one believes in them anymore. It is thought that Christians took Celtic gods such as Cernunnos, the stag god, and represented them as devils. Then what if the Krampus was originally a fertility god who then was represented as a devil?  And what if when he lost his followers he felt he has no choice but to join with St. Nicholas to have whatever crumbs of worship he could garner?

3. I had seen a Jim Carrey movie many years ago called "The Mask" wherein a person wearing the mask would develop great powers but also lose all inhibitions. What if such a spirit could come out and permanently stay in a host.

Thus we have our hero, Pascal Guzman, possessed and plagued by an ancient entity, who is constantly nagging him to go out and Par-tee! The results are tragic, humorous and risqué.

I hope that you will take the time to find out more the Krampus, and also read my novel, Chasing The Trickster.