Saturday, February 7, 2009

They took out my brain and put in a chicken!

Thursday night I dreamt that a mad scientist had removed part of my brain and put in a chicken. A live chicken.

Make of it what you will, but DH is clucking at me because I told him.

I really do think it has to do with us going to the New York Comic Con this weekend. Last year, DH and DS were huffed about the Robot Chicken panel and I think that was what inspired the dream.

It's been a busy two days with DH taking a vacation day to be there for the opening on Friday.

I was worried that the economy might have had a dampening effect but the crush today made it pretty clear that it was still going strong for the geeks.

Yesterday's highlights were:
  • Playing D&D with my hubby and son. (I've been going to comic cons and sf cons since the mid-seventies and now it's my son's turn to have fun. I still enjoy going, but sitting back and playing D&D with my family is priceless).
  • The Yatterman movie snippet and panel--I love Japanese live action stuff like Power Rangers and felt bad when DS outgrew it.
  • The Futurama movie-Excellent! And I couldn't beat the price.

Today's highlights were:
  • Getting to see the first 18 minutes of the Watchmen. I didn't want it to end and can hardly wait to see the whole thing.
  • Visiting Christie Kane's wonderful and bizarre doll booth.
  • The Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Fantasy Author's Round Table. It was very cool that the ten people on the panel were evenly divided between male and female. I came in late and so missed the intros (getting through the masses of people at the con took much longer than expected). However, I was told that the panel was being taped and would be available at One of the quips I heard at the panel was that beginning authors rely on inspiration and experienced authors steal. Probably some truth to that... It was great getting to see the likes of Tammy Pierce, Kim Harrison, Jeff Somers, Peter Brett and Carrie Vaughn and the five others whose names I didn't get to catch (but suspect Sherrilyn Kenyon was one of them).

DH and DS will be going back tomorrow, but I have some business that must be taken care of so I'll have to take a pass. But I have loads of goodies to enjoy, esp. my new Japanese shopping bag which has a black cat and flowers on with and "Flower Cat" written on it.

Our next sf con will be Lunacon next month.

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