Saturday, April 30, 2011

World Horror Con 2011

Woot! Friday was a wonderful day.

On Friday we had our Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings. As organizer for the event I had put together flyers. I didn't realize that WHC is a much more intimate event than Lunacon. I printed way too many flyers. But other than that all went in a very smooth manner.
I loved meeting my fellow broads: Camille Alexa, Leadie Flowers, Stima Leicht and Jessica Reisman. Kudos to the Broads for their impressive readings.

I was also doing a pitch to a well respected publisher that day and I'll be sending off a package as soon as I get home.

I went to launch parties for Edge and Chizine at the hotel and was fortunate enough to be on a bat cruise given by Dark Continents. Austin at night seen from the river was spectacular.

I have met many, many wonderful people not just writers and publishers but family members as well. And the con is very well organized. The person I worked with to set up the Rapid Fire Reading, Martel, was great as was the person in charge of arranging pitches, Rhodi. Thank you so much to all the people who have created this con with such loving attention to detail!

Today will be less hectic, just one more pitch and I look forward to relaxing at some readings and panels.

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