Friday, October 21, 2016

Steven Van Patten--one of Hell's Kitties writers

1)   The truth is that my experiences in adopting a cat of my own were very much like my story in Hell’s Kitties. The big difference is of course, the supernatural element, which is separately inspired by unwanted solicitors coming to my front door.
2)   I have a variety of things I’m currently working on. Sequels to both my Brookwater’s Curse vampire series and my serial killer novel, Killer Genius are both in the works. I just completed a follow up to the story I submitted for Hell’s Kitties that will eventually become a part of a much larger universe filled with demons and those that vanquish them. I’ve also got a children’s book loosely and gently based on a chapter from one of my vampire novels in the works.
3)   I had a really bad sinus infection and took a mixture of drugs that made me see an entire demonic world on my bedroom ceiling as if it were projected there, or some portal had opened up. It was everything I could do to calm myself down.
4)   The near future holds growth, learning and writing more epic stuff. I might get a nap in there at some point.
5)   In grade school and high school always exhibited an aptitude for writing. I’m an only child, so my imagination is just crazy. When I graduated from college, I was pursuing various career paths and after a time, working as a television show stage manager became my main source of income. But as any stage manager will tell you, the job is more about logistics, organizational skills and personality juggling. After a few years, I was starving for a creative outlet. So I guess, I just did what came naturally to me as a kid.

Steven Van Patten is the author of the Brookwater's Curse vampire novel series and Killer Genius: She Kills Because She Cares, which was nominated by the African American Literary Award Show in the category of Best Mystery/Suspense Novel for 2016.  He lives in Crown Heights Brooklyn, with his cat, Lola. Steven also stage manages television shows when he’s not writing. 


  1. Yes, dear, I assure thee:
    the Abyss o'Misery
    is totally real, though
    they (the 'enlightened' ones)
    dont wanna teach U.S. precisely
    cuzz Lucifer has too much power
    now before the Return of the King.

    yoo RITE!!
    Gotta lotta extraordinary